Shocking Photos That Are Destroying The Internet

Shocking Photos That Are Destroying The Internet

You can’t unsee the things the internet shows you. Remember that before you look at these shocking images!

1. That thing is called, appropriately, an assassin bug.

It carries the bodies of its victims on its back. That’s supposed to ward off attackers. Looks like it works.

2. This dude really loves pineapples.

He loves them so much he turned his head into one. That’s commitment!

3. This may be the world’s first exercise bike.

Rather than a bike, though, it replicates the action of riding a horse. You don’t even have to leave the house or deal with the smell of the stables! Where can we get one?

4. You’ve got to spread the news somehow.

The weirdest thing about this picture isn’t the conspiracy theory Sharpied onto the ATM. It’s the fact that the ATM won’t tell us what it’s temporarily doing. What’s up, ATM?

5. You don’t say.

Good thing that warning sign is there to warn the vegans in the crowd that this dish “contains fish.” The pile of fish heads peering up out of the pie are not made of soy protein.