Actress Caught In An Oops Moment – Her Towel Did Not Come...

Actress Caught In An Oops Moment – Her Towel Did Not Come To Her Rescue

She did not intend to show this much skin when she ran out to her car. These pictures are so embarrassing!

Chloe Ferry is an actress on the British show “Geordie Shore.”

It’s essentially the UK version of “Jersey Shore.” Chloe is known as the Snookie of that show because of her wild ways

She was recently photographed in a compromising situation.

She was running out to her car to get a box of her fake eyelashes.

As she was moving them in, they fell to the ground.

She looked on as they spilled from the box and onto the concrete.

As they fell, her towel began to shift, as well.

She struggled to pick up the eyelashes while keeping herself covered up. It was no easy task!

She wound up showing a little breast and a little butt.

She’s not very shy, so we doubt she really cared all that much.

She was able to pick up all of the lashes and get them into the house.

They boxes didn’t appear any worse for wear despite the fall.